After Destroying Farm With Cows, 15-Year-Old Herder Cuts Off Farmer’s Hand For Challenging Him

15-Year-Old Herder Cuts Off Farmer’s Hand

A 15-year-old kid recognized as Adamu Ibrahim, has been captured by the Bauchi State Police Order for hacking off a rancher’s hand in Jital town, Bauchi neighborhood government region (LGA) of the State.

The Representative of the Order, SP Ahmed Wakil, spread the word about this in a proclamation gave to writers on Saturday in Bauchi.

He said Adamu cut the casualty during a contention, and fundamental examination uncovered that he had on a few events intruded into the casualty’s farmland.

Wakil referenced the sad occurrence followed a progression of grumblings to the suspect’s dad by the casualty for interruption into his rice farmland.

As per him, on getting this report, police agents got the ball rolling, captured the suspect and enacted more preventive measures to deflect a potential herder-rancher conflict nearby.

He said,

“A conflict resulted over which the suspect wounded the casualty after requesting that he clear his farmland.

“Likewise, the suspect drew his cleaver and slashed off the left hand of the person in question.

“Fundamental examination uncovered that the suspect had on a few events intruded into the casualty’s farmland with his cows while raising.

“The examination uncovered that on the 24th of August, 2023, the suspect who was equipped with a stick and cleaver, again went to the casualty’s farmland and obliterated crops, whose worth is yet to be discovered.

“The casualty was raced to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Showing Emergency clinic, Bauchi, for clinical consideration, and he is answering treatment.”

Wakil likewise uncovered the state Magistrate of Police, CP Auwal Mohammed, has cautioned herders to avoid farmlands in the state, adding the suspect will be charged to endless supply of a prudent examination.

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