Asake Recounts Day He Was Booed For Wearing Pants To Perform



Famous Nigerian vocalist, Ahmed Ololade also called Asake, has related how he was once booed in front of an audience for wearing just jeans to perform with sparsely clad women.

Asake said the occurrence occurred before he came into the spotlight, focusing on that he needed to utilize the clout to certainly stand out yet it blew up stupendously.

The ‘Sungba’ singer uncovered this while including on the Ginger Yourself digital recording.

He stated:

“Before I got the attention, I strived till I graduated from the university. I strived for like (another) two years before people like accept me.

“So there’s this performance. I wanted to perform Fela, so I was on pants and saxophone. I packed like six girls on stage. I asked them to be half-naked. You know, one thing about Nigerians is that once people are naked, they just forget about all the thing that is happening and just focus. But these people (at the concert) stubborn o. Those girls just walked in, then me too. I just walked in majestically as a star boy. I did not know where the first clap come from. The audience was like, ‘No, no, no.’ Everybody, like 9,000 capacity, clapping that they don’t want it.”

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