Buhari Is One Of Nigeria’s Worst Presidents, Had No Solution To Problems’ – Shehu Sani

Buhari Is One Of Nigeria’s Worst Presidents

Shehu Sani, the previous Kaduna Focal Congressperson, has depicted previous President, Muhammadu Buhari as one of the most awful pioneers ever to lead Nigeria.

As per the socio-political reporter, the eight-year rule of the Buhari organization was tragic, expressing that it would require a long time to recuperate from it.

In a talk with Punch, the previous legislator said the previous President left Nigeria in an exceptionally barren and deadened circumstance, adding that Nigeria turned out to be more separated than ever under the Buhari organization.

He further expressed that debasement was at its top under Buhari, and he exhibited awkwardness and ineptitude in the authority of the country.

His speech:

“You know we are coming from eight years of (Muhammadu) Buhari’s disastrous reign. Buhari is one of the worst presidents we have had in this country. He left Nigeria in a very desolate and paralysed situation. Under Buhari, over 100,000 Nigerians were massacred by terrorists.

“Under Buhari, we piled up over N77tn debt. Under Buhari, Nigeria became more divided than it has ever been. Under Buhari, corruption was at its peak. Buhari demonstrated ineptitude and incompetence in the leadership of this country. If a minister is removed under Buhari, it takes up to six months for another to be replaced.

“Anyone who finishes his tenure, whether as Controller of Customs, Immigration or Prison Service, finds his tenure being extended by six months or by two months or more. This was the kind of leader Buhari was. This was a leader who would sit down and see that the Police Service Commission and the Nigeria Police Force were in court, and he would have no solution to the problem.

“These are all parastatals under him. This was a leader who had no solution when the DSS and the EFCC were exchanging fire. This was a leader who could not even choose his successor.

“He wanted Ahmed Lawan, and the chosen one was Ahmed Tinubu. So, in almost all indices, he kept on borrowing and destroying the economy of this country. Now, this is where we came from. Bola Tinubu took over power not with the support of President Muhammadu Buhari because he was not his candidate in the primaries.“

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