Coffin Maker Discloses Why Mohbad’s Neck Was Bent Inside The Casket

Coffin Maker Discloses Why Mohbad’s Neck Was Bent Inside The Casket

The final resting place creator liable for making Mohbad’s coffin has at long last given a clarification to why the late vocalist’s neck was in a bowed situation inside the coffin.

Mohbad, the “Harmony” singer, died on September 12, 2023, and was let go on September 13, 2023, in Ikorodu, Lagos.

After his passing, a video of Mohbad’s dead body inside the coffin circled on the web, and it showed his neck in a bowed position, which raised concerns and produced contention.

Because of the different kinds of feedback with respect to the twisted neck, the casket producer has explained that there was a pragmatic justification for it. He clarified that there wasn’t sufficient time for take exact estimations for Mohbad’s casket in light of the fact that the family desperately required it. The final resting place creator underlined that it was the family’s solicitation for a fast circle back that prompted the twisted neck position and encouraged Nigerians not to fault him for this detail.

This clarification from the final resting place creator reveals insight into the conditions encompassing Mohbad’s coffin and offers knowledge into the difficulties looked in setting it up under time imperatives.

Watch the video underneath;

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