CSO Gives Tinubu Seven-Day Ultimatum To Resign Over Certificate Scandal

CSO Gives Tinubu Seven-Day Ultimatum To Resign Over Certificate Scandal

The Unified Activity Front of Common Society has allowed a multi day final proposal to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to apologize to Nigerians and leave over the supposed fraud and prevarication of his scholarly records from the Chicago State College (CSU).

The gathering which depicted the circumstance as preposterous and humiliating to all Nigerians by means of an assertion on Friday, contended that the disclosure from the CSU has affirmed the longstanding hypothesis encompassing the character of the president.

Representative of the Common Society (CSO), Hamisu Santuraki, said, “As legislative leader of Lagos Express, the character of Bola Tinubu was covered in personality haziness. It will be reviewed that in his sworn testimony submitted to the Free Public Constituent Commission in 1999, Tinubu dishonestly professed to have gone to a non-existent Aroloya Elementary School in Lagos, Government School in Ibadan and the College of Chicago for a Graduate degree in Financial matters.

However, for the resistance appended to the workplace of state lead representatives under the Nigerian constitution combined with serious troublesome media controls, he should have surrendered following the instances of Senate President, Evans Enwerem, and Speaker of Place of Agents, Salisu Buhari, both of whom around then had to stop their workplaces over charges of wholesale fraud and misleading cases of moving on from the College of Toronto, Canada, separately.

“It is fairly lamentable that the Tinubu Chicago Door report has now affirmed the longstanding hypotheses with respect to the personality of Bola Tinubu. As uncovered and ousted by Chicago State College that Tinubu dishonestly professed to have gone to Government School in Ibadan and furthermore produced the CSU recognition declaration he introduced to INEC for the 2023 official decisions.

“The initiative of Joined Activity Front of Common Society thinks of it as a bold guiltiness for President Tinubu to have fashioned the testament probably granted by an unfamiliar scholarly organization and, thusly, purposely dedicated prevarication under the law. By submitting manufactured records to INEC, which incorporated a statement of misleading age, ‘President’ Tinubu blatantly disregarded Section 6. Section 1. Segment 137 (J) of the Constitution of the Government Republic of Nigeria.”

Talking further, the gathering requested that assuming Tinubu wouldn’t regard their admonition the Public Get together must promptly start the indictment cycle against him.

“Assuming inside the following seven days, Tinubu doesn’t apologize to all Nigerians and decline to leave as Leader of Nigeria for the disgrace and shame he brought upon the country, the Unified Activity Front of Common Society requests that the Public Gathering ought to exhibit boldness in safeguarding the picture of the country.

“To this end, the Public Gathering should not just begin a denunciation cycle against Tinubu on this miserable disclosure, it should request clarification and compensation from him in guaranteeing that the nobility of the workplace of the Leader of Government Republic of Nigeria is protected for just the ethically fit and immaculate in confirmation of the soul and letter of Section 6 of 1999 Constitution as corrected,” the CSO added

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