“Even Chief Priests are not save in this country” Reactions as gunmen abducts famous Amambra-based Chief Priest, Akwaokuko

Chief Priest, Akwaokuko

Eastern Nigerians have steered into overreacting and amazement after a few sources affirmed the kidnapping of famous Anambra-based conventional pastor, Chukwudozie Nwangwu who is prevalently known as Akwa Okuko.

News broke out before tending to that the renowned Oba’s most dreaded boss Cleric was captured by troops of obscure shooters who raged his inn, PPP situated in Anambra State, went after and stole him.

A video that has turned into a web sensation showed the second the hijackers were spotted starting to shoot boundlessly in a few headings.

The two security officials working at the lodging were accounted for dead after the huge shooting which has even flavored the perspective on the adventure.

Up until this point, there’s no confirmed insight about the area he was snatched to as some have been excited by the episode following their problem with the conventional pastor.


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