Gov. Nwifuru Approves N10,000 Increase Of Ebonyi Workers Salaries

Gov. Nwifuru Approves N10,000 Increase of Salaries

As an action to pad the impact of the fuel sponsorship evacuation by the Government Goverment, the Legislative leader of Ebonyi State, Francis Nwifuru, has supported a vertical survey of compensations of laborers in the State.

Jude Okpor, the State’s Magistrate for Data and Direction who unveiled this on Friday during a press preparation in Abakaliki made sense of that the choice was important for the purposes of the State Chief Gathering meeting hung on Thursday and managed by the Lead representative.

As per him, the leaders supported a quick expansion of N10,000 to each specialist’s compensation in the State.

“The issue of workers’ salaries was raised and deliberated on by Exco. The Executive Council led by His Excellency the Chairman of Council approved that N10,000 be added to every worker’s salary in the state to cushion the effect of fuel subsidy removal.

“His Excellency also mandated SSG, Professor Grace Umezuruike to look into the finances of the state University (EBSU) to know what comes out and goes into the University to help determine the upwards review of subvention to the University. Council also approved the employment of 1454 Ebonyians into the state civil service to fill in vacancies created in the services over the years,” Okpor said.

The magistrate added that the Chief Committee further pondered on the issue of water shortage in the state, taking note of that the Lead representative stressed the need to guarantee earnest arrangement of water to occupants.

“Water problems in the state came up for deliberation. After the deliberation, a matching order was given to the Commissioner for Water Resources in the state by His Excellency the Governor to get water running in all the streets of Abakaliki before the next EXCO meeting, His Excellency was made to understand the hardship people in the state capital are facing over the problem of water and resolved that it must come to an end,” he added.

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