Heavens Won’t Fall If Tribunal Removes Tinubu – Atiku

atiku tinubu

Previous Nigeria VP and official up-and-comer of People groups Progressive alliance (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, has told the Official Political decision Petitions Court that sky wouldn’t fall assuming the court settle that Bola Tinubu was unlawfully pronounced president and accordingly eliminates him from office.

Atiku pronounced this in his last composed address on the side of his request testing the announcement of Tinubu as victor of the February 25 official political race.

Atuku said the way that an official political decision had never been invalidated before in Nigeria was not sufficient justification for the council to abstain from making the best choice.

Contending against the accommodation of Tinubu that invalidating the February 25 official political decision by virtue of understanding of the 25% of votes cast in the Government Capital Domain (FCT) could prompt mayhem in the country, Atiku said in no way like that would occur assuming the court arrived at such decision.

He stated,

“At this stage, it is pertinent to observe from the outset that the Second Respondent’s Final Written Address, with respect, reflects a complete misconception and unfortunate misunderstanding of the case of the Petitioners.”

Lead counsel to Atiku and PDP, Chief Chris Uche, SAN, said in the final address, “A subtle threat of apocalyptic catastrophe of national chaos and anarchy if a judgement is not given in a particular manner cannot deter a court of law from doing justice.

“The court must do justice, rather ‘let the heavens fall’ but as courageously stated by the Supreme Court per Oguntade JSC, in the epic case of AMAECHI vs. INEC & ORS (2008) LPELR-446(SC) (Pp. 67-68 paras. D): ‘I must do justice even if the heavens fall.’ The truth, of course, is that when justice has been done, the heavens stay in place.”

Uche encouraged PREPEC to take on a proactive way to deal with its understanding of the new regulations and utilization of the new advances all together not to smother the standards of straightforwardness and trustworthiness, being the bedrock of protected majority rule government.

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