How I Almost Lost My Life – Kiddwaya


The third removed housemate of Big Brother Naija All Stars, Terseer Waya, also known as Kiddwaya, has described how he nearly lost his life subsequent to being misdiagnosed and placed on some unacceptable drug.

He said he endured mental breakdowns in 2020 in the wake of including in the Older sibling Naija ‘Lockdown’ season yet was wrongly put on hypertension drugs for a very long time.

Kidd, uncovered this in a new talk with famous media character, Legend Daniels.

He said,

“2020 towards becoming popular. This was presumably around two months after the [BBNaija Lockdown] show. Everything was great, everything was great. [Then] One day, I was on my bed addressing my cousin, then I rose up to go to the latrine, and my legs expressed shaking.

“This was during Coronavirus time. Then I sort of thought it was Coronavirus. My legs began shaking and my tongue evaporating when you can hydrate however at that point it’s not entering. I had vision obscure. Clearly, I was beginning to overreact. Thus, I called my primary care physician. She came and checked my BP [blood pressure] and it was like 180.

“It was absurd. By then, I simply thought I had Coronavirus in light of the fact that what else is more discussed in 2020? So I thought it was that.

“They [doctors] checked my BP and said it was incredibly high yet they couldn’t actually sort out what it was. All they knew was that my BP was incredibly high. Along these lines, they put me on BP drugs for a really long time which was not what should be finished. I really could have passed on in light of the fact that what I had was mental episode, it raised your BP high and afterward carry it back down to typical levels.

“They [doctors] put me on BP drugs that was screwing with my blood stream since I shouldn’t have be on it. Furthermore, I was on it for a very long time. In this way, I might have had a few serious ramifications.”

He added that it was later that his primary care physician in London cleared up for him that he was having a mental breakdown and it was “nothing to stress over.”

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