I Did Not Bribe Arise Tv’s Rufai Oseni – Peter Obi Denies Brewing Rumours

Peter Obi Denies Brewing Rumours

Official competitor of the labour Party in the 2023 political race, Peter Obi has denied reports charging that he paid off a Nigerian TV moderator, Rufai Oseni.

Rufai of Emerge TV was as of late blamed for getting pay-offs from the previous Anambra Lead representative determined to advance his great standing.

It was asserted that Obi had monetarily supported the internment of Rufai’s dad, which invigorated the tie between the pair.

In any case, responding to the claims, Obi in an explanation tweeted on his page on Monday, proclaimed that the report was a downright falsehood, focusing on that it had no component of truth.

As per Obi, Rufai is a TV moderator who harshly talks truth to drive including himself.

The assertion peruses somewhat,

“Anybody who has followed my corporate and political life realizes that I generally stay on issues, with my attention on tracking down answers for cultural difficulties and enhancing the enduring individuals.

“I do, nonetheless, need to explain a couple of issues, particularly since an outsider is involved.

“There is a new situation where my name has been referenced in a pernicious and modest extortion against one of Nigeria’s best TV moderators, Mr. Rufai Oseni, who has stood harshly for what is correct and has tested me boldly on an events while talking truth to drive.

“I have as of late been referenced to have paid off Mr. Rufai Oseni by monetarily supporting the entombment of his dad.

“Allow me obviously to express that this is an all out lie. It isn’t correct, can’t be valid and won’t ever be valid. Every individual who gets it or follows my way to deal with things will authenticate the way that I don’t give anybody cash to advance my name”.

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