I Gave My Husband Money To Pay My Bride Price


Famous Nollywood entertainer, Anita Joseph has answered a savage who addressed in the event that her significant other really followed through on her lady cost.

The performer has frequently confronted reaction from some netizens for deciding to wed a man more youthful than her.

In a new Instagram trade, the entertainer and a savage got into a warmed contention over who is in control in her home.

The netizen called attention to how her significant other never is by all accounts blissful and addressed assuming the entertainer was the person who gave him the cash to follow through on her lady of the hour cost.

“I know very well say this man no too dey happy for this marriage niii. You de control am well well Ba….e de obvious even for photo… Shey na u give this man money to pay your bride price?” the troll asked.

In her reaction, Joseph recognized that her mate is rarely cheerful. She additionally asserted that she gave him the cash to follow through on her lady cost.

“Yes he’s not happy and there’s nothing you can do about it. Na me also give am money to pay bride price. Oh sorry I remember na me pay my self. I control him everywhere Shallom. Okwa Okwu agwugo,” she replied.

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