‘If You Must Do Yahoo, Target Politicians’ – Rev Fr Oluoma Charges Fraudsters

Rev Fr Oluoma Charges Fraudsters

Famous Nigerian Catholic priest, Rev Fr Chinenye Oluoma has berated Nigerian youths who are into fraudulent activities on the Internet, saying they may not end well.

In a video posted on his official Facebook page on Tuesday morning, the priest who spoke during a sermon, lamented how the internet fraudsters defraud innocent people of their hard earned money, stating that it would have been better if they target politicians.

Fr Oluoma said although some music artistes sing to endorse Yahoo, such lifestyle cannot be justified.

He said,

“At the point when you seek after abundance to the detriment of individual people, you are destroying individuals to get a fortune that will be a rubbish in your life.

“I fail to really see when individuals who take and trick others lash out when priests denounce it.

“Yippee implies a bunch of individuals who will simply secure themselves in a house, search for someone who is weak utilizing their PCs and trick the individual all that he worked for.

“Then the individual turns out to be so destitute following 30 to 40 years of laboring. You take all that the individual has and the individual is passing on from melancholy, Hypertension and coronary failure and you are agreeable.

“That a few performers in any event, sing to underwrite that sort of way of life means to you that it is typical?

“Assuming Hurray implies deceiving individuals, duping them of their well deserved cash, leaving them poverty stricken and they pass on from respiratory failure, how would you like to end well?

“Certain individuals even think about it as a real hustle. How could taking be a genuine hustle? Assuming you are someone like that, you can’t end well.

“In the event that you are into something like this, kindly don’t wed since, supposing that you wed and you conceive an offspring, your kids will endure the fallouts.

“At any rate if you have any desire to be a Yahoo, target lawmakers who are taking cash. However, you won’t target such individuals, individuals worked truly.

“Basically focus on the awful government officials so on the last day you and God might have discussions on it”.

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