“I’m Richer Than Yahoo Yahoo Boys In Nigeria” – Gospel Singer, Frank Edwards (Video)

Frank Edwards

Gospel Artist, frank Edwards has certainly communicated that he has impressive riches, outperforming that of numerous Yahoo Young men, people took part in digital extortion.

He featured that his overflow of assets permits him to satisfy his cravings and requirements, standing out it from the unlawful and malignant exercises that Yahoo Young men resort to in their quest for abundance.

Straight to the point Edwards stressed that his wealth originate from his confidence and commitment, drawing from the idea of salvation.

Dissimilar to Hurray Young men, who look for abundance through unlawful means, he keeps a perfect and good way to flourishing.

One striking distinction he brought up is that he can liberally uphold his loved ones with his income, though numerous Yahoo Young men can’t do as such because of the sketchy idea of their abundance.

This assertion has ignited different responses via virtual entertainment, with people imparting their insights about his viewpoint with regards to this issue.

Watch the video below:-


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