Kizz Daniel Opens Up On How Bullying Affected His Social Life

Kizz Daniel Opens Up On How Bullying Affected His Social Life

Kizz Daniel, a well known Nigerian vocalist, has focused on his involvement in youth tormenting and what it meant for his public activity.

He uncovered that as a kid, he was pudgy, and this prompted him being ridiculed and harassed by his companions to the degree that he started to remain inside.

That’s what the vocalist shared, even right up to the present day, he actually battles with associating because of the horrible encounters he looked during his young life. Kizz Daniel referenced that he in some cases goes to liquor as a survival technique to manage social nerves.

His sincere disclosure features the dependable effect that youth tormenting can have on a person’s psychological and profound prosperity. It likewise fills in as a sign of the significance of establishing a strong and comprehensive climate for all kids to flourish and develop.

He said; “I have built a world of my own in my head since I was little. Because growing up, I was a fat kid. I was chubby. So, I don’t go out because the kids in the area make fun of me. They called me orobo (someone who is fat). And they bullied me. So I always stay indoors.

“During that time that I always stayed indoors, I’d already built this fantasy world in my head. In the world that I have built in my head, I’m very comfortable in that space.

“So, I reintroduced myself to the world after I lost weight; I lost all forms of social skills. I don’t know how to communicate. I don’t know how to socialise with people.”

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