Man United Set Deadline To Decide Mason Greenwood’s Future At The Club

Mason Greenwood’s Future At The Club

Manchester United will conclude Mason Greenwood‘s future at the club before their most memorable Head Association installation against Wolves on August 14.

As per football move master, Fabrizio Romano, the choice would be altogether up to the club and not chief Erik ten Witch.

Romano tweeted on Monday:

“Man United are expected to announce a decision regarding Mason Greenwood’s future opening PL game of the season on August 14.

“It’s only up to the club. Erik ten Hag will not be responsible for any decision, he will discuss Greenwood future right after the club.”

Greenwood has not highlighted for the Red Fiends since January 2022, in the wake of being accused of assault, participating in controlling and coercive way of behaving and attack.

The charges were dropped in February, yet the 21-year-old remaining parts under suspension by Joined together, who are leading an inward examination.

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