‘Nigerians Don’t Believe I’m On The Same Level As American Artists’ – Burna Boy Fumes

Burna Boy Fumes

Grammy-winning Nigerian vocalist, Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna boy, has bemoaned that the vast majority of his comrades don’t completely accept that he is on a similar level as American music stars.

The vocalist said his approaching collection, “I Told Them… ,” is his nervy reaction to downers who have endeavored to dishonor him, both toward the start of his vocation and presently.

He expressed this in a meeting with Los Angeles Times.

The so called “African Goliath” weeped over how Nigerians frequently rate exceptional American rappers above him.

He stated,

“To this day, there’s many Nigerians who can tell you an American rapper who just started their career, and they’ll say they’re bigger than Burna Boy.

“They don’t understand it. They’ll say, ‘There’s no way someone who talks like me, can even be on the same level as an American artist.”

Burna boy said American melodies used to rule Nigerian media houses’ playlists yet that has changed thanks to the blast of afrobeats.

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