No Federal University Is Allowed To Charge Tuition Fees – FG

David Adejo and FG

The federal Government has demanded that no administrative college is permitted to charge educational expenses in the country.

The Extremely durable Secretary, Service of Schooling, Mr David Adejo revealed this at a formal conference by the Place of Delegates impromptu board of trustees on educational loans in Abuja on Tuesday.

Adejo said that the charges gathered by the establishments were utilized to pay for a portion of their administrations, including power bills.

He blamed claims that the marking of the Understudies’ advance demonstration was answerable for a portion of the climb in the college charges.

“What they collect is charges to cover the cost of accommodation, ICT, and power, among others. It is the Governing Councils of the Universities that have the power to approve such charges for them.

“The only university that increased charges after the signing of the student loans act is the University of Lagos.

“They came to the Ministry with a proposal to increase their charges because all Governing Councils were dissolved and we gave them approval.

“Immediately that was done, there was a resolution from the House stopping the increase in fees and the President also gave a directive stopping any increase in fees and that is where it is, even though several others have brought their proposal,” he said.

Adejo expressed that regardless of the charges, the colleges had not had the option to get together with a portion of their costs.

He said that modalities had been set up for the remove from the understudy loans plot in the 2023/2024 scholastic schedule.

Adejo said that President Bola Tinubu had given an order that all essential works should be finished on the modalities for the remove from the plan to empower its take-off in September.

The administrator of the board, Teseer Ugbor said the understudy loan was essential for the palliatives by the Central Government to mitigate the enduring of Nigerians and to guarantee admittance to advanced education by intrigued Nigerians.

He, in any case, communicated worry over the dispensing system, the recuperation of the assets from recipients as well as the chance of certain understudies not having the option to get to the credit.

He called for exchange during the time spent attempting to correct the law to guarantee that all Nigerian understudies inspired by the advance profited from it.

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