‘Police Planted Indian Hemp On Me to Extort N80,000’ – Man Cries Out

Police Planted Indian Hemp

Some yet to be distinguished cops in Port Harcourt, the Streams State capital, have been blamed for coercing a man of N80,000.

As indicated by the man, Daddy Geoffrey, said that the cop purportedly established a wrap of Indian hemp on him.

Mr Geoffrey uncovered that the episode occurred on over the course of the end of the week, July 23, when the cops led a pause and-search at Obiri-Ikwerre intersection.

He added that he was en route to a companion’s party on Sunday night when the cops halted him at the intersection.

He said the police officers looked through him and don’t tracked down anything, however rather than letting him go, one demanded that he was a ” Hurray kid” regardless of clearing up for the official how he makes ends meet.

Mr Godffrey said he additionally showed the officials his ID card, however they demanded he was lying.

He stated;

“ The next thing was that they brought out a parcel of weed (he didn’t know where it came from, but he was confident it wasn’t from his bag) cause they already searched the first time.

“I’ve never held a blunt in my life; I don’t even have friends that come to smoke at my place, so why would I be carrying weed about?

“After everything, they said I was going to their Police station and would later hand me over to the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.

“After about two hours in handcuff inside their van, they finally agreed for me to pay them 100k, but I ended up paying 80k cause that was the only money I could access at that point.”

In any case, Mr Godffrey, required a discount of his well deserved cash and equity for mishandling his freedoms and honors to free development, demanded that he was prepared for drug tests to demonstrate he was not an Indian hemp smoker.

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