Reactions As Fresh Blood Is Found Inside Mohbad’s Coffin 9 Days After Burial (Video)

Reactions As Fresh Blood Is Found Inside Mohbad’s Coffin 9 Days After Burial

Following the affirmed exhumation of the body of the late artist, Mohbad, on Thursday, by Lagos State Police Order, more scenes have left netizens in scorn.

The vocalist was covered on the thirteenth of September at the site his dad asserted was the only one he bought with his cash before his passing.

In another video moving on the web, grievers marched to observe the vocalist’s unearthed website and scenes of new blood were caught.

This has caused a great deal of blended responses via virtual entertainment, making one wonder, was the vocalist was covered alive?

See some underneath:

@_AsiwajuLerry I entreat the Nigerian Police and the Pathologist responsible for Mohbad’s body to lead a careful examination and post-mortem. This person was conceivably covered alive on the grounds that how can new blood emerge from a cadaver that has been covered for more than seven days?

@sportingking365 Mohbad’s body has been uncovered. All we need is careful examination and examination did. The simple truth that new blood was tracked down in the casket, God! This unfortunate kid might have been covered alive all things considered! We should get equity. Experienced on the planet, couldn’t envision him experiencing 6 feet beneath. It’s excessively excruciating, it’s excessively grim

@itzbasito In the event that really that was new blood in Mohbad’s grave, we could need to begin accepting that he was truly covered alive. Dissection ought to uncover when and how he passed on, so ideally we obtain an exact outcome.

Watch the video underneath (watchers attentiveness):

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