Rubiales Resigns As RFEF President After Hermoso Women’s World Cup Kiss Scandal

Rubiales resigns as RFEF president

Luis Rubiales, the leader of the Regal Spanish Football League (RFEF), has chosen to resign from his job in the outcome of the contention encompassing his kiss on Jenni Hermoso following Spain’s 2023 World Cup triumph.

Rubiales has affirmed his goal to leave as RFEF president, recognizing that he can never again go on in his job because of expanding requests for his acquiescence following the occurrence that happened after Spain’s 1-0 last win over England on August 20.

In a meeting on the Discussion Television program Docks Morgan Uncensored, he said: “I love my little girls so much and they love me in this way, to such an extent. I’m exceptionally blissful and extremely pleased with them, they are extremely dear to me.

“About my renunciation, yes I will do [that]. I’m going to [resign] on the grounds that I can’t proceed with my work.”

In a different proclamation, Luis Rubiales affirmed his renunciation, denoting a tremendous change in his position after at first declining to step down a month ago. Beforehand, he had affirmed that the kiss on Jenni Hermoso was “common” and “consensual.” In any case, he has now decided to leave his situation as leader of the Imperial Spanish Football Organization (RFEF).

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