See How This Lagos Woman ‘Bought’ Her Life With N255,000 in One-Chance Robbers’ Den

See How This Lagos Woman ‘Bought’ Her Life With N255,000 in One-Chance Robbers’ Den

Chioma Ogu, an occupant of Maryland, Lagos State, confronted a frightening and perilous trial on Wednesday in Alaka, Surulere, when exactly five men held her at gunpoint prior to scratching N255,000 and different resources from her.

The Maryland occupant let FIJ know that she was at first set out toward Spoils Non-public school in Iponri before she chose to get a portion of her garments from a close by tailor when the episode occurred.

She related remaining close to the waterway not long prior to entering the road prompting Iponri Domain when a yellow transport, regularly known as korope, pulled up before her like a traveler was going to land.

As per her, when a male traveler left the bus, he strongly covered her face with a garment and, with the help of others, hauled her into the vehicle.

Still confounded about the drama she had recently encountered, the men drove off with her before they started to hit her with their clench hands.

“The principal question the men asked was where my ATM card was. I let them know I was not with it, but rather they before long found it subsequent to looking through my satchel, which they likewise took close by my telephone. They additionally took the garments I got from the designer. It was for my sister’s wedding,” Ogu told FIJ.

She made sense of that after the men found her ATM card, they created a retail location machine, embedded her card into it and educated her to enter her PIN, which she did in the wake of getting through additional actual maltreatment.

“I put an off-base PIN when they previously requested that I put my PIN, yet they slapped me so hard and one of them hit my chest. I repeated the experience the second time they requested that I put my PIN and they expanded the slaps,” she reviewed.

“As they requested that I input my PIN the third time, the driver took a gander at me with a mean face and let me know I had one final shot at life and that assuming I input an off-base PIN, I would have squandered my life by trying them. With a weapon in one hand, I realized he was not kidding.

“By then, my life streaked before me, and I was unable to consider what else to do than articulate a short petitioning God prior to contributing the right secret key. They ensured they took all the N255,000 in my record. After they did, one of them hit me and hit me with a weapon on my chest prior to removing me from their vehicle.”

She said she was in the men’s sanctum between 1 pm and 3 pm, and it was the longest time of her life in light of the fact that after they removed the gag they had placed on her, she continued to shout however nobody acted the hero.

FIJ endeavored to contact Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police representative, for remarks with regards to this issue, yet he didn’t answer his call. As of the hour of this distribution, he had not answered the instant message shipped off his telephone.

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