Tinubu Won’t Get 8 Years – Sheikh Gumi Reveals In New Video

Tinubu Won’t Get 8 Years – Sheikh Gumi Reveals In New Video

Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Gumi, a well-known cleric, has declared that the Tinubu administration will fail in its attempt to obtain eight years in office.

Despite not mentioning the president by name in the now famous video, it was obvious that the priest was speaking of Tinubu.

Gumi added that the All Progressives Congress (APC) Muslim-Muslim ticket was backed by worthless individuals and hypocrites.

He claimed that even though Northerners ran the Defense Ministry, Southerners were in charge of command control.

Gumi also attacked Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister Nyesom Wike, labeling him as “satanic.”

“The FCT Minister is a demonic individual;

I previously said this when some individuals were complaining about his appointment. I haven’t seen it yet, but he went and brought the Israeli ambassador, according to what someone texted. No, I’m not sure. However, his statement that they will work with the Israelis to address Abuja’s security concerns is verified. Now that Abuja resembles Tel Aviv, they will identify everyone who has a beard like us and tell us it’s Bin Laden. Kill him.

“that are the people that were involved in the Muslim-Muslim ticket? The useless and the hypocrites. Security is the people’s last line of defense, and Abuja is starting to resemble Tel Aviv. Did you miss the silence? They are skilled at what they do. Merely Miyetti

Did you miss the silence? They are skilled at what they do. A leader of the Miyetti Allah came to me and advised me to leave it alone if they approached me with a request to negotiate with robbers.

It is a ruse. What does it mean that the chiefs of the Ministry of Defence are Muslims? Are we the ones with the guns and the gunslingers, the actual Command and Control people? They are playing us; we are not the ones. An agenda is in place. They have taken control of all financial and economic resources, and they intend to trick us for four years in order to obtain eight. They won’t, I hope.

They won’t, in the name of Allah

“I want to be clear: Northerners operating lawfully will not receive one billion naira. Nothing is available to our wealthy people save the people they can trust. They are only trusted because they are following their desires. They will crush everyone whose devotion they are unsure of in a matter of months.

“They will only appear during election seasons, much like when grain is given to hens.” That’s all if they feed the hens grains. The answer is to give spaghetti to people; this pasta problem is serious. This country is betraying us, and we are in a terrible mess.


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