Will BBC Employ Someone With Drug Trafficking Record? — Atiku’s Camp Faults BBC’s ‘Fact Check’

Will BBC Employ Someone With Drug Trafficking Record? — Atiku’s Camp Faults BBC’s ‘Fact Check’

Phrank Shaibu, Unique Right hand on Open Correspondences, to previous VP, Atiku Abubakar, has said the English Telecom Enterprise (BBC) bombed horrendously in its ‘reality check’ report.

Review that the BBC’s Disinformation Group claimed that there was no proof that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu fashioned his Chicago State College endorsement.

Responding by means of an assertion in Abuja, on Wednesday, Shaibu set that the report was important for “an attack piece,” pointed toward reversing the situation in support of Tinubu.

As indicated by him “the shock it had requested from the consensus of Nigerians was sufficient proof to show that the BBC goofed.”

The assistant said the BBC’s move was not unexpected as it was in accordance with a past assertion he had given where he had uncovered that the Tinubu organization was set to release its full promulgation program.

“At some point last week when the Public Telecom Commission (NBC) gave a last admonition to Emerge News television, we brought up that the Tinubu organization was nearly sending off an all out promulgation and furthermore threatening ‘uncooperative’ media houses into disparaging and minimizing the CSU embarrassment. Tragically, we never envisioned that it would be the BBC that would turn into the willing instrument.

“It is unconscionable, appalling and preposterous that in this current information age, a foreign medium of repute could try to bamboozle Nigerians with a jaundiced report when the details are clear for everyone to see. Thank God, young Nigerians have begun filing complaints against the hack writers who decided to soil their names for a bowl of porridge.

“We are not ignorant of the machinations of the BBC and its bias towards the current government. It is unfortunate that the BBC is not upholding the same standards as they would uphold in the UK where a Prime Minister was forced out of office for hosting a party during COVID-19. In 2009, columnist Mehdi Hasan wrote in the New Statesman that the BBC was biased ‘towards power and privilege, tradition and orthodoxy.’

“It is no wonder that in the last one year, the only news medium that was given exclusive access to interview Tinubu was the BBC. It is sickening that the BBC has decided to surrender its platform to a man who was accused of illegal drug trafficking in the United States.

“In the so-called fact-check report, the BBC decided to bury in the last paragraphs the fact that Tinubu claimed to have attended Government College, Lagos in 1970 when the school was established in 1974. Why didn’t these so-called fact-checkers reflect it on their headline?

“What is the essence of the report when it failed to uncover the most critical questions? If this report was aimed at fact-checking, it should have mentioned the year the certificate was obtained by Tinubu from the CSU and if the one he submitted to INEC is the same one he received from CSU.

“Tinubu said at Chatham House that he had gotten a substitution from CSU when the school said in unambiguous terms that he had not done as such. What was the date he applied for his INEC substitution declaration from CSU, and when was it gave to him?

“The examination was plainly done with a foreordained objective, which was to clear Tinubu. Yet, let us inquire as to whether they would utilize any individual who has had an instance of medication dealing with the US previously and on the off chance that he had three dates of birth ( Dob’s) in his authority records as well as two distinct sexes as well as going to an optional school before it was laid out,” the assertion read.

Shaibu encouraged the BBC and other reality checkers to be more prudent, adding that their occupation was excessively delicate to engage mistakes.

That’s what he reviewed, “On November 28, 2022, Africa Check, one of the profoundly subsidized truth check associations, guaranteed that the report by the resistance that Tinubu had lied that he went to Government School, Lagos was misleading.

“After Atiku Abubakar, through his daring court case, decided to blow open the lid, it turned out that the opposition was right all along. Till date, Africa Check has also not apologised for misleading the public. This is the new reality that we face. Who will fact-check the fact-checkers?”

He further encouraged media associations to put more in analytical reporting.

“Assuming the BBC had put resources into legitimate analytical reporting, it would have been the one revealing a portion of Tinubu’s embarrassments as opposed to depending on Atiku for data on Tinubu’s declarations,” Shaibu added.

In the interim , Shaibu attacked Tinubu for holding only one bureau meeting since taking office 135 days prior.

He said ironicly Tinubu, who has the biggest bureau in Nigeria’s set of experiences, had chosen not to meet with them.

His words,

“Tinubu is obviously not ready for governance. After appointing 48 ministers – the highest in history – he has decided not to be meeting with them. This contravenes Section 148(2) of the 1999 Constitution, which expressly provides that the President shall hold regular meetings with the Vice President and ministers for the purposes of determining domestic and foreign policies of the government.

“It is bad enough that a man who claimed he would hit the ground running from day one took over 60 days to name all his ministers and took 84 days to inaugurate them.

“Even now, he has held only one cabinet meeting since the inauguration of the cabinet. For a man who has been gallivanting all over the place purportedly in search of foreign investors, it is laughable that he cannot even meet with his own team at home. Meanwhile, concerned Nigerians are asking #WhereIsTinubu?

“The reason is simple, though. His administration has brought nothing but untold hardship to Nigerians, including inflation, a very weak currency, and insecurity. He and his appointees are clueless. Hence, they have nothing to discuss.”

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