Woman Slices Off Her Ex-boyfriend’s P3nis With A Knife After He Tried To R*pe Her

Woman Slices Off Her Ex-boyfriend’s P3nis

A man has gone through a medical procedure after his p3nis was purportedly cut off by his ex with a blade while he supposedly attempted to r*pe her in Italy.

The episode happened on Saturday, August 12, in Marghera, Venice, after a contention between the couple over authority of their girl broke out.

The pair, who are both far off nationals living in Italy have allegedly been isolated for quite a while, as per la Repubblica. They are said to have met in the lady’s home to look for a settlement on the ‘administration’ of their little girl.

In any case, during the gathering, things got warmed after he supposedly had a go at ‘burying the hatchet’ by proposing to have s3x with her.

After she is said to have declined, it is guaranteed that he pushed her against a household item while half-n*ked. The lady then answered by waving a blade and removing his p3nis with the cutting edge.

Police and rescue vehicle administrations both hurried to the scene, with the pair both taken to the emergency clinic.

The man was said to have had his p3nis effectively reattached after a remaking activity, which was performed by urologist specialists.

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