‘World’s S3xiest Footballer’ Says A Popular Celeb Offered Her Huge Amount Of Money To Sleep With Her

‘World’s S3xiest Footballer’ Says A Popular Celeb Offered Her Huge Amount Of Money To Sleep With Her

Aston Villa star Alisha Lehmann has uncovered she turned down a Revolting Proposition – after a big name offered £90,000 for an evening of affection.

The Swiss global – named the “world’s hottest footballer” – is one of the Ladies’ Super Association’s most prominent players.

Straightforwardly bisegxwal Lehmann joined Estate in 2021 after spells with West Ham and Everton.

The 24-year-old striker was beforehand involved with Swiss public partner Ramona Bachmann prior to dating her villa clubmate Douglas Luiz.

She has now guaranteed a global Superstar offered her large cash for sex while she was in America.

The supposed situation inspires the 1993 film crush Profane Proposition, where a tycoon more unusual offers Demi Moore’s personality $1million to go through a night with her.

Lehmann made her disclosures in the Dir Tea Talk web recording, facilitated by German rapper Shirin David.

She depicted the man as “universally” well known yet declined to name him.

She reviewed:

“I was in Miami, my favourite place, and I met some friends at a club.

“I got a message on my mobile, which I didn’t reply to, but the same person then messaged the bodyguard looking after me.

“The texts came from a very well known person. We had previously bumped into one another at an event.

“The message said: ‘I will pay Alisha 100,000 Swiss francs to spend a night with her.’

“But my answer was – no way! And just 100,000?”

Lehmann asserted her protector then got further messages, this time from the star’s representative, asking the footballer to acknowledge his client’s proposition.

She added:

“The crazy thing is that I still have his message on my phone. It is a bit stupid.

“Is it from a footballer? I cannot reveal his name.

“But he is very, very well known on an international level.”

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